How to Play

2023 NFL POD

Step 1

Customer can enter by purchasing a pack of Panini NFL Cards. There is a no-purchase-necessary option as well (see official rules for details).

Step 2

To win, the customer must open a pack they have purchased in front of a store employee. If they “pull” the highlighted “player of the day” or the wild card they win a prize.

Step 3

Four times during the promotion the hobby shop will randomly select one daily winners as a weekly prize winner and award a prize package from the items in the merchandise kit.

Step 4

At the conclusion of the 32-day promotion, the shop randomly selects one of its four weekly winners as the Panini NFL Player of the Month winner.  They are award them the grand prize (autographed card) and additional prizes from the kit.

Step 5

Each hobby shop submits their grand prize winner into national sweepstakes.


All participating hobby shops will receive a FREE merchandising kit to participate in the promotion for a 32-day period between December 15, 2023-February 28, 2024. The kit includes promotional posters and over 200+ daily and weekly prizes In addition all stores receive a Grand Prize (autographed card) to award their in-store winner.